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The impact of your support

With your donation, we are able to have a direct impact on hundreds of families, youth, and children throughout Sullivan and Lower Grafton counties. Our programs, support groups, education, and events help strengthen and support families and the community as our staff help them build resilience, bolster parenting skills, share an understanding of healthy relationships, strength to face challenges, and access to resources to help create a stable environment where the family and children can thrive.

A reflection on LGBTQ+ support

"Rural Outright has made it not only possible, but comfortable for my child to be who he is and help him realize that there is a community who loves and accepts him! My family will forever be grateful for all Rural Outright has done for us!" -- Lyn, Claremont

"Rural Outright, a program of TLC Family Resource Center, has allowed me to discover how much I needed to connect with the LGBTQ+ community, and be a part of the community not only with my words but with my actions. As a very out and proud transgender man, I am also able to be a voice for those who are not able to be out and share who they are, not only as members of the LGBTQ+ community but the greater community." -- Neil, Charlestown

Some words on parenting education and support

Every time my TLC parent educators come over, we go over different helpful things on parenting and do fun activities like making action reaction rattles that babies will use for a long time to come. I look forward to the visits and it's very helpful that they are flexible and understanding. They also help me when I need it. I wasn't able to get diapers fast because of financial issues and they brought enough diapers to last until I could and a bit more! My baby and I also look forward to the new book they bring every month! I love TLC! -- Rebecca, Newport